Pay Per Click (PPC)

Immediate results.

Pay per click (PPC) is a form of paid search engine marketing that guarantees top search engine positions for your website depending on the amount you bid per keyword. It gives immediate results and is an excellent way to start a new campaign or complement a natural search campaign. The search engine is paid each time your advertisement is clicked. 

PPC management.

In setting up your Google Adwords or PPC advertising campaign, NeoLogic will conduct research into appropriate keywords and review competitor activity. We can then either set up your pay per click advertising account, or advise on the best PPC software or bid management system to use.

We can then manage an agreed monthly pay per click budget to give your site the best visibility for relevant searches and provide qualified traffic that will convert on your website. Pay per click gives you the flexibility to write your own targeted advertising copy and specify the exact landing page for the click through.

PPC reporting.

As part of your ongoing PPC management, we provide monthly reports detailing which keywords were used to find the site and how effective each targeted keyword was at driving orders (or other non-monetary conversions). We will monitor the performance of your paid search campaigns continually and determine the most profitable combinations of ad copy, keyword selections and landing pages for your business over time.

Conversion targets are determined at the outset of a campaign and can include orders, brochure downloads, form completions, newsletter sign-ups, etc. Our reporting can be tailored to your specific requirements but will generally include:

  • Average ad position
  • Number of impressions (how often each ad has been displayed)
  • Number of clicks
  • CTR (click through rate), i.e. clicks divided by impressions
  • Average CPC (cost per click)
  • Total spend on each target term
  • Total number of conversions
  • ROI (return on investment)
  • CPA (cost per acquisition)