SEO Copywriting

Relevant, interesting, keyword-rich content.

NeoLogic offer specialist copywriting to produce SEO content and optimised web copy. Our SEO copywriters are highly skilled at achieving the crucial balance between manipulating the wording on pages in order to help search engines determine relevance, and producing high quality, readable and persuasive content.



There are many factors that we focus on when writing SEO content.

Some of the main areas of consideration will include:

  • The text appearing at specific locations on a given page, such as the title tag and the meta content, requires special attention. This content enables search engines to identify the purpose of the page and establish its relevance.
  • Unique, on-page content is very important in order to distinguish a particular page from other pages competing for placement in the search engine results. Our copywriters can ensure that content across your site is unique, frequently updated, on-topic and written to the right length.
  • Keyword frequency and density needs to be just right. Excessive repetition of keywords can have a strongly negative effect and must be avoided.
  • Relevant and well placed internal links will ensure your site is sufficiently connected with other content and pages.